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Kamis, 03 September 2009

Plastic Printing

Current usage and the need for packaging is very important for the continuity of life of a business. Opening plastic packaging printing business is a very good prospect for now. To launch this effort first we will know the types of plastics, such as PP, OPP, HD, PVC, PE, and others. In the world of plastic printing, there are two alternative business options. Is printed manual (hand printing) and print using the machine, also called by the name Rothogravure. On this occasion I will discuss the manual plastic printing
The equipment necessary facilities for this effort is as follows
1. screen, is as a container to create images that will be printed on the plastic.
2. Rakel or rubber rake, as a tool to flatten the screen printing ink.
3. diluent oil, as the ink diluent compound.
4. Drug emulsion mold makers, mold makers as medicine.
5. Shelves, as a container to put plastics results that have been printed.
6. Print table, as a place or a process to put a screen printing and materials will be printed.
7. Printing ink consisting of a variety of colors.
8. Hair Dryer, used to dry during afdruk process.
and the most important thing is, human resources or the skilled pressman to print. To open this business, the necessary capital is not too large, if you want to do on a small scale first. If you are interested in this business you can ask me more. Because I was the perpetrator of this business. And the main thing in this business once the order is an order that the lifeblood of this business.

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